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As the Syrian crisis enters its thirteenth year, the scale and complexity of the humanitarian needs have reached its highest. With a population of 22.1 million inhabitants, Syria counts 16.7 million people in need. 

Such deterioration in the humanitarian situation is due to multiple factors. In the second half of 2023, protracted hostilities have hampered humanitarian access and caused displacement and a further escalation of active conflict and military operations have been reported across several frontlines and in different areas across the country. The earthquake that hit Syria in February 2023 killed almost 5,900 people, injured more than 12,800 people and displaced at least 265,000. It caused extensive damage to essential infrastructures, disrupted food production and livelihoods, especially in rural areas, and led to widespread psychological distress and trauma.

The worsening economic crisis, with spiralling inflation, currency collapse and severe fuel shortages, increased the need for  humanitarian assistance.

INTERSOS’ intervention

INTERSOS began operations in Syria in 2019, targeting internally displaced people, returnees, and host communities in the governorates of Hama, Idlib and Rural Damascus.

INTERSOS provides psychosocial support, humanitarian assistance to the most vulnerable groups, and legal support. We also conduct awareness-raising sessions for the local communities on protection issues, including informing the about the risks of unexploded ordnance, which is unfortunately widespread in the country. 

In Hama and Idleb governorates, we provide health care through our clinics and mobile medical teams, while in Hama, Idleb and Rural Damascus we carry out activities to improve access to medical and reproductive health services. We also distribute medicines and medical equipment, train health workers, and conduct awareness-raising sessions on health promotion to support the country’s health system. 

To facilitate access to education for boys and girls who have been forced out of school due to displacement or school closures, our teams have rehabilitated schools and provided furniture, and school supplies for the children. In 2023, we rehabilitated 17 schools and distributed more than 6,000 school kits.

We also distribute hygiene and dignity kits for women and girls as well as winter kits.