Italy: join INTERSOS projects in Italy

INTERSOS is also looking for professionals for its projects in Italy.

In Italy, INTERSOS operates in Rome, Foggia, and Sicily. In Rome, through the intervention of the INTERSOS24 and INTERSOSLAB centres and mobile teams, we support beneficiaries in vulnerable conditions. INTERSOS’ integrated approach includes social and health services, guidance and job placement, overnight shelter, psycho-social support, and activities for minors and women survivors of gender-based violence. In the provinces of Foggia and Palermo, we provide essential medical assistance and work towards health inclusion within informal settlements that predominantly house seasonal migrant agricultural workers.

If you’re passionate and have the technical skills and experience, we invite you to apply to our positions and join a dedicated team committed to making a positive impact on the lives of those who need it most.

Recruitment process

How the process works for Italy mission positions

This is the first stage of the process: read the job requirements carefully and apply if your profile matches the required skills and experience.

Only selected candidates will be contacted for an interview. However, we may decide to pre-screen your profile and contact you later to start a recruitment process for another opportunity. In any case, we always try to send feedback in a timely manner, although due to the high number of applicants it may take some time.

INTERSOS, as a humanitarian organization, often works with high urgency and tight deadlines: therefore, the selection may be closed before the official expiration date of the position.

The first contact, though phone call, aims to assess whether the candidate meets the minimum standard set for the position. In this phase, the timing for the start of the collaboration and the salary package are communicated, to assess compatibility.

Depending on the position, a technical, written or oral assessment could be carried out.

The interview normally takes place in panel, with the HR and the line manager. The interview aims to assess the candidates’ adherence to the range of skills required by INTERSOS, with particular attention to the soft skills and technical skills required for each specific position.

In this phase specific information about the role, the team and the project is shared.

It can be done online or in presence.

Once the candidate is selected after a successful last interview, we start checking references. The HR contact relating to the most recent assignment and three hierarchical managers is required. Once the reference check is done, a formal proposal of collaboration and a complete package is sent. The induction and onboarding process can begin.

An online or in presence induction is organized.

Welcome to INTERSOS!

Working conditions and benefits

  • Salary is tailored according to the level of the position
  • Length of the contract may vary according to the project’s needs
  • 30 days of leave for a 12 months contract
  • General induction about INTERSOS history, values, policies, and procedures at the beginning of the contract
  • Supplementary health insurance
  • Accommodation in the guest house, is available only in some field locations

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