Work with us

Working with INTERSOS means making a professional and humanitarian commitment to support communities affected by the most serious humanitarian crises and emergencies, helping to ensure, always, the fundamental rights and protection of the most vulnerable people

Our operators

INTERSOS has a large number of workers engaged both directly in humanitarian support interventions in international crisis areas, and in activities in Italy, at the headquarters in Rome, and in the regional hubs. Their professional skills are very diverse; here are the voices of some of them:

What we need

Working with INTERSOS means being part of an organization that aims to improve the living conditions of people affected by humanitarian crises. In most cases, it means going in person to crisis areas, in often difficult settings, and in highly volatile security situations, to help implement the first response to emergency situations.

In other cases, it means contributing to the implementation of projects carried out in Italy or supporting the coordination of activities from the headquarters in Rome or the Regional Hubs in Amman, Dakar, and Nairobi.

The professional skills needed are therefore very diverse depending on the positions, as are the personal skills. Always, however, we look for strong motivation and full adherence to humanitarian principles.

Competencies are a set of related knowledge, commitments, skills, and attitudes that enable a person to act effectively in a job or situation. 

Each level of responsibility has specific competency requirements: some are essential at every level, such as motivation and self-awareness; others are only needed at certain levels of responsibility, such as strategic vision skills.

Join the INTERSOS team

Check out the most sought-after profiles, the selection criteria, the conditions we apply for various collaboration opportunities, and the positions currently open. If you are interested in the humanitarian sector and meet the requirements, apply for positions that fit your profile and join INTERSOS!