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Work with us

Work with us

INTERSOS’ staff is made of people sharing the same ethical motivation and supported by adequate professional qualifications and work experience. Their job is about bringing humanitarian assistance to the world’s hottest spots.

Almost 150 international humanitarian operators travel with INTERSOS every year, and they cooperate with local staff in providing assistance to populations in distress.

Besides its activities abroad, which lie at the heart of the organization, INTERSOS also offers job opportunities in Italy through: Missione Italia, its headquarters in Rome as well as the positions of fundraiser for the Face to Face programme.

Finally, there’s also a chance to work as a stagiaire in our offices, both in Italy and abroad.

Missions abroad


INTERSOS’ international staff operates during humanitarian emergencies. This requires stamina and a strong motivation. Assistance is often provided in conflict situations: despite a strong focus on security management, one must take into account the risks stemming from such situations.

List of open vacancies