Curricular internships are learning experiences for young resources who want to put into practice the academic knowledge acquired during their studies and make their own direct contribution to the activities carried out by the organisation. 

This experience with INTERSOS allows them to discover the full functioning of an NGO and to become aware of their own professional skills and interests. 

In addition, the curricular internship which takes place, partially or totally, in an INTERSOS mission abroad is the opportunity to gain field experience and to actively collaborate with INTERSOS humanitarian workers; it is therefore an entry point into a humanitarian career.

In view of its objective, the curricular internship is aimed at students enrolled in university and master’s degree courses that require the signing of a training project and an agreement with INTERSOS (as host).

INTERSOS curricular internships are activated mainly in the 

  • Programmes Department 
  • Protection Unit 
  • Medical Unit
  • Human Resources Department 
  • Finance Department 
  • Logistics Department
  • Donors/Grants Unit 
  • Internal Audit

Depending on the context and sector of intervention, the curricular internship can be activated according to the following formulas:

  • Period in HQ (Rome) or Regional Office (Dakar, Amman, Nairobi) from 3 to 6 months
  • Period in HQ (Rome) or Regional Office (Dakar, Amman, Nairobi) of 3 to 4 months + Period in an INTERSOS mission abroad of 3 to 2 months (for a total of a maximum of 6 months)
  • Period in an INTERSOS mission abroad or in Italy mission of 6 months 

For some internship opportunities, the period in HQ can be carried out in smart-working. In these cases, the option is specified in the vacancy. 

When foreseen, the choice of the mission abroad among those managed by INTERSOS varies according to the formula selected, the security conditions and the logistical availability of the mission.

Most needed profiles

INTERSOS curricular internship opportunities are aimed at young people interested in the humanitarian sector who share INTERSOS values such as equality, justice, dignity of the person, equal access to rights and resources, peace and solidarity, as well as the humanitarian principles underlying its work. We also expect a predisposition to work in collaboration with a team of professionals, both international and local, flexibility and the ability to adapt to complex situations and living conditions. 

Above all, we are looking for young people who have a strong motivation and a desire to get involved! 

If you are interested and have the required skills, apply for positions in line with your profile and join INTERSOS!

If you do not find internship opportunities in line with your profile, you can always send your application through the general positions that may be open.

Recruitment process

How the process works for internships

This is the first step of the process: please read carefully the requirements for the position and apply if your profile fits the needed competencies and experience. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an interview. However, we may decide to keep your profile and contact you later to start a recruitment process for another opportunity. In any case, we always try to send feedback in a timely manner, although due to the large number of applicants, it may take some time.

The first interview aims to assess the candidates’ adherence to the INTERSOS set of competencies, with a particular focus on key soft skills for each specific position. The HR interview is always online, and in video mode: remember to make sure to be in a sufficiently comfortable and quiet place. 

The second interview is carried out in the event of a positive outcome of the first HR interview and takes place with the Tutor assigned to the position. At this stage, the technical skills required for the role will be assessed by means of an interview or technical test usually sent in doc/docs format or by Google form: make sure you have the Office package. Specific information about the role, the team, the department structure and the activities to be performed will also be shared at this stage. The interview takes place online.

Once the candidate has been selected after a successful second interview, a formal proposal for internship and a complete package are sent. 

For internships that foresee a deployment to a field duty station, medical and vaccination checks will be carried out. Afterwards, the visa and flight to the country of assignment will be requested. 

Some personal documents and data are required to complete the onboarding process.

Welcome to INTERSOS!

Working conditions and benefits

Induction: Each intern receives preparatory training aimed at providing the necessary information on the structure of INTERSOS and the main decision-making processes and working tools, with the ultimate goal of facilitating smooth integration into the organisation.

Salary: Internships are unpaid.

Benefits: Meal vouchers are provided for the internship period spent at INTERSOS HQ in Rome and with Italy Mission. Meal vouchers are not foreseen for the period of the internship carried out in continuous remote working (option specified in the vacancy) and for the internship period carried out in an INTERSOS mission abroad.

Transport: For internships which foresee deployment to an INTERSOS mission abroad, round-trip flights at the beginning and end of the assignment are covered by the organisation.

Insurance: If not stipulated by the Intern’s University or Master’s degree, INTERSOS provides insurance cover against the risk of accidents and third-party liability for internship periods in HQ and in Italy Mission. For internships that foresee an INTERSOS mission abroad, the organization provides medical insurance, reimbursement for compulsory vaccinations according to INTERSOS policy, and psychological support on request. 

Visas: For internships which foresee deployment to an INTERSOS mission abroad, the organisation provides support for the visa request and it covers the cost of the visa. 

Accommodation: For internships which foresee deployment to an INTERSOS mission abroad, shared accommodation in a Guesthouse is provided.

Holidays: For each internship, 2 days of holiday per month apply.

Open positions