About us

INTERSOS is an international humanitarian organisation, founded in Italy, which operates on the front line in contexts of war, violence, extreme poverty, natural or man-made disasters.

INTERSOS is an independent Organisation, partnering with numerous local associations and organisations as well as with the main European and international institutions and agencies. It is a member of ICVA, VOICE, LINK 2007, and has consultative status in the UN Economic and Social Council and observer status at the International Organisation for Migration.

Always aim to be humanitarian. For 30 years, on the front line, to assist, heal, protect.

Since 1992, our workers have been bringing aid to populations affected by humanitarian crises, with a particular focus on protecting the most vulnerable people, providing medical care, distributing basic necessities, and offering emergency shelter. Every day, we help meet basic needs such as the right to food, water, health, shelter, and education.

We strive to ensure that our humanitarian response is able to reach anyone in a vulnerable and dangerous condition. In parallel, we work to lay the foundations for development processes and, at the same time, raise society’s awareness of humanitarian values, fundamental rights and the dignity of every human being.

The offices

INTERSOS’ headquarters in Rome supports operations in the various countries of intervention, guaranteeing efficiency and transparency. INTERSOS also has hubs in Amman, Dakar, and Nairobi and a representation office in Geneva. In Greece, INTERSOS founded a sister organisation, INTERSOS Hellas, that directly manages humanitarian programmes in the country.

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About us

Our values

INTERSOS strives to be neutral, impartial, independent, with the conviction that every human being has the right to be rescued, protected, and cared for. The centrality of the human being is the principle from which all INTERSOS actions move, regardless of any political, religious, social or affiliation differences. We believe in the principles of equality, justice, peace, and solidarity and in the duty of every individual to help those in need and suffering and to do so in a way that is not conditioned by considerations or convictions of another nature.

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Our staff comprises of competent and passionate people, motivated to do their part to help those in need.

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Our history

INTERSOS is an international humanitarian organization, operating on the front line since 1992.

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