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Since the Arab Spring uprising in 2011, Libya has been embroiled in a civil war. As a result, the country has experienced prolonged political instability, widespread violence, the proliferation of various armed groups seeking to control Libya, significant damage to vital infrastructure, and major disruptions to its oil production. On 10 September 2023, Storm Daniel struck North-eastern Libya, causing the collapse of two dams in the Derna district and displacing more than 884,000 people. 

Libya remains both a destination and a transit country, hosting some 650,000 migrants, refugees and asylum seekers with limited access to basic services. The country is also home to approximately 160,000 IDPs.

INTERSOS’ intervention

INTERSOS runs four Community Centres in Libya, in partnership with Civil Society Organisations, in Tripoli, Brak Al Shati, Sabha and Ajdabiya. Our humanitarian operators provide individual case management activities conducted by social workers, which include identification, psychosocial first aid, psychosocial counselling and referral to specialised services. In addition, the Psycho Social Support (PSS) team implemented a range of activities tailored to the needs of the children from different backgrounds, promoting inclusivity while addressing their psychosocial support needs.

INTERSOS social workers also conducted awareness sessions for parents and caregivers on better parenting practices, Child Protection, education-related issues, Gender Based Violence, Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse, bullying and the importance of mental health. 

Activities were mostly conducted in Community Centres, however Psycho-Social Support and awareness sessions were also conducted in an outreach modality, targeting people who were unable to reach the centres due to distance or transportation costs. 

Community Centres also hosted Non-Formal Education services, with catch-up classes in Arabic language, English Language, and mathematics for out-of-school children whose learning has been interrupted. The programme also includes the development and promotion of life skills for children and youth, teacher training, awareness sessions for parents on the importance of education and school enrolment, and facilitating  the enrolment of out-of-school children. 

INTERSOS also conducts health screenings, medical referrals and health awareness sessions in the Community Centres, focusing on children and mothers.