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Greece serves as both a transit point and a final destination for a significant number of refugees, asylum seekers, and migrants. Since 2014, the Eastern Mediterranean route has become one of the main routes for migrants travelling to Europe from the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Over 1.28 million migrants have entered Greece through both land and sea borders. In 2023 alone, 41,561 refugees and asylum seekers arrived in Greece by sea.

The humanitarian needs of these people remain critical. Many endure prolonged stays in overcrowded camps and centres, facing dire conditions, while thousands struggle to access adequate housing, healthcare, and education.

INTERSOS’ intervention

In 2023, we implemented the HELIOS project, which aims to promote the integration in the Greek society of people benefitting from international and temporary protection. Our objective is to increase their self-reliance, through housing support, Greek language courses, employability skills, job counselling and raising-awareness in the local community to promote social cohesion. 

Moreover, since December 2021, we have been implementing the ‘Food for All’ programme, to address the food needs of the most vulnerable groups of migrants and refugees living in Athens and to ensure their food security. 

INTERSOS HELLAS has also participated in the programme: ‘#Together’ to support refugees and migrants residing in Epirus in acquiring tools, information, and resources that will help them integrate into the labour market. As part of this, information sessions are conducted in the reception and accommodation centres in Epirus, as well as specialised workshops on CV writing, issuing of documents and the working environment in Greece. Our humanitarian workers also offer interview preparation sessions. Additionally, efforts are made to identify job vacancies and assist in making contact with potential employees. These efforts are reinforced through the use of an online tool that allows employers to find suitable candidates and jobseekers to apply for available positions.

Finally, we have implemented ‘Protection for All Minors’, a project that provides comprehensive support to unaccompanied minors in Greece, who live in precarious or homeless conditions. We inform, support and empower unaccompanied minors to move out of precarious living conditions, by placing them in appropriate housing.