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Following the outbreak of hostilities in Ukraine in February 2022, millions of people have been displaced both inside and outside Ukraine . Since the first days, Moldova has received a massive influx of people fleeing Ukraine. 

Since 2022, Moldova has received more than 850,000 refugees from Ukraine. At the end of May 2024, approximately 120,000 were registered in the country. The vast majority of the refugees are women, who make up about 60% of the refugee population, and 46% are under the age of 18. Of the remaining refugees in Moldova, around 2,400 are currently hosted in refugee reception centres. 


INTERSOS’ intervention

In 2023, INTERSOS worked to expand its activities and access to service for people fleeing the war in Ukraine and the vulnerable host community.

INTERSOS provided primary healthcare consultations and medical case management, supporting access to the existing national health system. As part of the health programme, INTERSOS established cooperation with the national health institutions and set up fixed medical consultation points in several districts of the country, providing therefore access to all those in need of health services in the surrounding areas.

Mobile medical teams and two mobile clinics reached the most remote areas. Throughout the year, we also sought to improve the quality of the medical services in the country by making substantial donations to health facilities working under the local Ministry of Health, including donations of medicines and medical equipment. We conducted health promotion sessions on several topics aimed at preventing the apparition of chronic diseases. Mental health was also a major focus, with specific activities dedicated to the well-being of the people we assist, including self-care techniques and coping mechanisms for depression. 

Our team provided mental health and psychosocial support sessions and case management, including non-food items donations for the most vulnerable. In 2023, INTERSOS Moldova helped renovate and equip 12 safe spaces at the national level and carried out capacity-building activities with the space managers to ensure self-sustainability for the future.