The aim of the “Scholarships for the Education of Young Yemenis” project, funded by LAVAZZA Foundation, is to guarantee a quality university education to Yemeni students, accompanying and assisting them in overcoming, and where possible eliminating, the socio-economic barriers that prevent access to education. In identifying the students, gender balance (50% men – 50% women) and inclusion of people with disabilities and marginalised groups will be ensured. INTERSOS will provide a comprehensive support package to the students that includes material assistance (food, housing, transport, clothing, books/educational supplies, health care), but also their involvement in social initiatives useful to keep their motivation high and act on psychological barriers that could discourage them from completing their studies in such difficult circumstances. All students will receive training on job search and professional opportunities.

The project guaranteed access to university education to 27 students, 18 in 2022 and 9 in 2023.

Almost a decade of war has led to the closure and destruction of schools and universities and a general impoverishment of the entire education system. Universities that are still functioning have suffered a drastic deterioration in educational offerings. As of 2016, students were given the opportunity to restart their university studies but rising living costs, devaluation of the national currency, and reduced livelihood opportunities for many have been barriers to accessing education.

Today Yemen is considered the largest humanitarian crisis in the world: more than 2 out of 3 Yemenis, 23.4 million people, are in need of humanitarian assistance and protection*, and an entire population is exposed to violence, political crisis, social, economic and financial insecurity. 80% of Yemenis live below the poverty line. Malnutrition and food insecurity, epidemics (cholera, dengue, diphtheria, measles, etc.) floods, global isolation and the COVID-19 pandemic further contribute to the country’s vulnerability.

* Humanitarian Response Plan 2022