Mourning our friend Paolo Dieci | INTERSOS

Paolo Dieci has devoted all his life to serve the others, living in Ethiopia for long and visiting often Africa. Paolo passed away while flying to those territories he dedicated his life to. A life spent supporting solidarity and international cooperation. He was the President of the CISP, the International Committee for the Development of Peoples, and of Link 2007, the Italian Network of NGOs of which INTERSOS is part of. His personality and his professionalism are and will be our best memory.
We lost a friend. Paolo Dieci was more than a colleague to us. We remember him as a smart, gentle man. He was our guide in many important changes of our institutional life, being able to drive LINK2007 with passion and balance. We embrace his family, all the colleagues and we mourn all the victims of the Ethiopian Airlines incident.
“Paolo – said Nino Sergi, INTERSOS President Emeritus – represented the younger generation we entrusted. He stepped in the International Cooperation during the eighties. He came from the experience of Catholicism which educate those sensibilities which characterize today Italian NGOs, both religious and laic ones. A generation of people – Sergi added – who not only gave us the best professionals but also humans with inestimable moral values. Paolo was among those. He will leave in us an empty space that today we are not fully aware of, but that will show its deepness”.
“We gather together with Paolo’s wife, Maria Luisa, and his three sons, with his family and with all the friends from CISP to whom we are bound – write LINK 2007 – Thinking about the future is hard, extremely hard without Paolo. His model and the path he drew with his everyday attitude will help us to move forward. Dialogue with everyone, knowledge of contexts and problems, research of shared solutions, presence in development projects and commitment to educate, drive, communicate values and visions, capacity of building partnerships with communities and institutions, love for the weakest and most excluded individuals. He considered education indispensable to development. His participation was active in Pavia’s Master, University courses as well as in a Master in Kenya”.

Stefania Donaera
Stefania Donaera
Press Officer, INTERSOS