Joint NGO statement on Yemen's humanitarian crisis

At the 73rd UN General Assembly, a joint NGO statement has called for a prompt response to the humanitarian crisis affecting Yemen. The catastrophic consequences of more than four years of conflict are continuing on threatening the Yemeni’s population, resulting in an epidemic spread of internal displacement, hunger and diseases. Despite all humanitarian efforts, Yemen still remains the worst humanitarian crisis on earth.

The results are very clear: if fighting will continue, the country will be pushed into utter devastation, as underlined in the NGOs’ document. Specifically, the armed escalation around the city port of Hodeidah is jeopardizing people’s safety by reducing the influx of vital humanitarian assistance and commodities, among which, medicines, food, fuel and general supplies.

The manmade conflict is, moreover, contributing to the fast annihilation of Yemeni’s infrastructures and services, like: schools, public transportation, hospitals and mills. Thus, resulting into more than 1,500 schools and hospitals being destroyed, and over 1,800 still being weakened, day by day, by the conflict.

In turns, as a direct effect of infrastructures’ weakening and vanishing, there are two million children and young people remaining out of education.

Even more concerning is the effect of the conflict in terms of food security. As official figures explicate, 17.8 million people, more than 60% of the population, do not have the means to afford food. 8.4 million of them, additionally, are seriously on the brink of starvation. Likewise, the country’s paralyzed economy is not able to keep up with the population’s needs, resulting in a disturbing monetary devaluation, thus, restraining people’s ability to purchase anything.

In another parallel statement, brought to the fore by 15 civil society organizations, among which INTERSOS, further concern and topic-related urgency has been conveyed to the United Nations Human Rights Council, calling on “all member states to take immediate action to hold all parties to the conflict to account for violations of international law.” Specifically asking to all parties involved to:

– comply with their obligations under International Law;
– renewing and consolidating the mandate of the Group of Eminent Experts on Yemen;
– find a peaceful, inclusive and sustainable solution.

For the complete literature discussed above, the two official statements are below.

2018.09.24 Joint public oral statement on Yemen 

2018.09.24 Joint NGO Statement

Stefania Donaera
Stefania Donaera
Press Officer, INTERSOS