IRAQ: INTERSOS stars COVID-19 pandemic prevention

Among all the non-European countries in which INTERSOS is active, with 93 confirmed cases as of March 14, 2020, Iraq is currently the most affected by the Coronavirus disease pandemic (Covid-19).

In response, INTERSOS is reorganizing its humanitarian activities to cope with this new emergency. Specifically, INTERSOS’s medical teams are actively carrying out awareness and technical trainings for the prevention and treatment of the new Coronavirus disease in support of the local medical staff in the Governorates of Ninawa and Kirkuk. All activities are planned in coordination with the national health cluster, OCHA and our donors.

“We are also ready to provide protective material for health personnel, as well as consumables and equipment for health facilities in support the Health sectors – this is the denomination of the local health units in Iraq – of Telafar and Ba’aj”,says Pietro Caburrosso, INTERSOS’s Programme Coordinator in Iraq.

INTERSOS started its first intervention in Iraq in 2003. During the Mosul Emergency Response in 2017 we started our medical intervention in the north of the Country. Since the conclusion of the battle of Mosul, our organization has expanded its medical activities to the Governorates of Ninawa, Kirkuk and Salah ad Din, supporting the reconstruction of the local health system and reaching the most remote areas with mobile medical teams.

“Considering the still fragile Iraqi health system and the general situation of the country at present, the support of humanitarian actors in facing the risks and challenges of the Coronavirus Pandemic is much-needed,” underlines Alda Cappelletti, INTERSOS’s Director of Programmes. “That’s why we are already on the humanitarian frontline, guaranteeing maximum support and taking every precaution to ensure the safeguarding of our staff and the people we assist.”


Martina Martelloni
Martina Martelloni