INTERSOS Advisory Board, new energies for humanitarian action

With the establishment of the Advisory Board, INTERSOS opens the doors to new energy and competences to accompany its growth.


INTERSOS Advisory Board is composed of people with whom in these years we have travelled a road together, longer or shorter, but, in any case, of great value for what we have achieved. The Advisory Board Members make their skills and professionalism available on a voluntary basis. INTERSOS wants to thank them for sharing our humanitarian passion, committing themselves to ensure that our values find more and more space.

Members of INTERSOS Advisory Board:

RAFFAELE COSTANTINO – Dj, producer, radio host, music consultant. Founding Partner of Snob Production (cultural events), Snob Studio (music advertising) and HyperJazz Records (record label). Music consultant and artistic director for many clubs and festivals nationally and internationally. Member of the Lazio Creativo Curators Team for the Regione Lazio. With his alter ego Khalab experiences new crossings between electronic music, African tradition and jazz, recording records with prestigious international labels and playing in the main European festivals.

NERINA DI NUNZIO – Marketing and communication expert in the food sector. She is founder and CEO of Food Confidential, high qualification expert at the Roma Tre University – Department of Sciences – with a course on food and wine and culture, professor at the Faculty of Economics of UNINT – International University of Rome – with a course on Food and Beverage Industry.

NANCY EARLE – A lawyer and project manager with 30 years experience developing and executing high profile public-facing programs for academic institutions and technology companies with a specific focus on creating and maintaining coalitions and partnerships and cultivating a diverse array of current and potential stakeholders.

ANDREA LANZONE – Professor of American Studies at John Cabot University, with particular attention to studies on Native Americans, rights of indigenous peoples, refugees and migration. Advisor at STAND, the John Cabot University organization that works with refugees and homeless, co-founder of the JCU Service Learning Project that offers internships to students interested in pursuing a career in the humanitarian field.

CAMILLA LAURETI – Journalist. After years of experience in radio, she began to work in political communication with various public administrations. She has always lived between Rome and Umbria, where her family’s origins are and where he sheld the role of Assessore alla Cultura e al Turismo (Councilor for Culture and Tourism) of the Municipality of Spoleto.

LAURA MAYWALD – Senior consultant, managing director of Maywald Consulting since 2010, after working in the fundraising field for 28 years. She has extensive experience in the development of fundraising for national and international organizations. Before becoming an independent professional, she worked for 19 years with international organizations such as Greenpeace and Amnesty International, holding the role of fundraising director.

MARCO MOMIGLIANO – Entrepreneur in the film industry and in particular owner and CEO of the SAC (Cinema Auxiliary Services), a company he has managed for over 40 years, modernizing the logistics of Italian cinema and becoming the only link between distributors and cinemas in the national territory.

Flavia Melillo
Flavia Melillo