INTERSOS adopts the Misconduct Disclosure Scheme

INTERSOS has adopted the Misconduct Disclosure Scheme, a memorandum of understanding between various organizations promoted by Steering Committee for Humanitarian Response, to share information in order to prevent the spread of misbehaviour, sexual harassment and abuses in the humanitarian sector.
The Inter-Agency Scheme for the Disclosure of Safeguarding-related Misconduct in Recruitment Processes within the Humanitarian and Development Sector establishes a minimum standard for humanitarian, development and other civil society organisations to share information as part of their recruitment process about people who have been found to have committed misconduct during employment.
Together with INTERSOS, the memorandum is signed by relevant international organizations, as Caritas Internationalis, Oxfam and ICRC.

Organisations committed to this scheme hope that it can be a good start and the basis from which to explore further collaborative approaches.
“Intersos is investing human and financial resources in preventing the risk of sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment in the countries where it is present.” – says Paolo Tartaglia, INTERSOS’ Internal Auditor – “The adoption of the Misconduct Disclosure Scheme alongside with some of the most relevant International Organisations is aimed at sharing information concerning people who have been found accountable for misconduct and represents a further step toward transparency and fairness in respect of the beneficiaries of our programs.”

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Stefania Donaera
Stefania Donaera
Press Officer, INTERSOS