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From the 9 to the 16th of January, Lebanon has faced 2 storms (Norma and Myriam) leading to heavy rains, thunderstorm, harsh winds and snow at medium altitude.
According to the InterAgency Coordination, 626 refugee’s sites have been affected, representing 23 578 persons in all Lebanon.
The answer was coordinated by the MOSA (Ministry of Social Affairs) and UNHCR, with the involvement of the partner already well in placed in the different location.
INTERSOS has participated to the answer in Bekaa and Mount Lebanon.

In details:
In Mount Lebanon
99 ITS (informal Transitional settlement) were affected with severe water leakage, flooded sites and collapsed of tents
INTERSOS distributed 239 LRK (light repair kit) for 239 House-Holds that are living in 59 Sites (Informal Settlements) as emergency response
The Shelter Team is receiving referrals on daily basis from different agencies for deeper assessment and referral to UNHCR if relevant.
INTERSOS is doing the assessment to identify the need of Matrasses and Blankets, to be referred to UNHCR and distributed to the field.
The distribution of LRK is ongoing, later on, INTERSOS will start with the assessment for all the informal settlements in Mount Lebanon in order to repair the shelters with the distribution of the following Kits:
LRK (Light Repair Kit: Plastic Sheets)
MRK (Medium Repair Kit: Plastic Sheets, Wooden)
NAK (New arrival kit: New Tent)

In Bekaa
Affected ITSs: 227
Affected persons: 21,039
Sites assisted: 99
Families assisted: 2,603
Individuals assisted: 13,016
Individuals displaced: 1,019
Rapid need assessment was conducted by the INTERSOS Protection Monitoring team in 28 ITS
Referral were made to NFI sector, shelter, CP
144 families were assessed at household level and referred accordingly to the needs

Stefania Donaera
Stefania Donaera
Press Officer, INTERSOS


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