Happy Holidays from INTERSOS

As another year comes to an end and the holidays are drawing near, I take the opportunity to thank all those who have been by our side:

Our field operators who dedicate their lives every day with passion and commitment to those who have nothing left,

Our supporters, because thanks to them, we have brought humanitarian aid to isolated and forgotten populations.

We have been in the field for 25 years and we will continue to be on the frontlines wherever there are innocent victims of wars and conflicts.

In the coming year, along with over 2,500 INTERSOS humanitarian aid workers present in 17 countries, we will continue to save lives and to bring help to those who have nothing.

Having you by our side means a lot to us, and to the people we help.

On behalf of all the staff INTERSOS, we wish you Happy Holidays

Thanks for everything,

Kostas Moschochoritis



Yemen’s Humanitarian Nightmare

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