In a concerted effort to streamline bureaucratic procedures and dispel misinformation prevalent across the diverse communities of North Lebanon, the legal team at INTERSOS has unveiled an informative manual aimed at demystifying civil documentation and legal residency processes.


The manual has been meticulously crafted as an online booklet, designed for easy accessibility to individuals seeking guidance. It can be effortlessly accessed via a QR code, ensuring that it is readily available to anyone in need. This comprehensive resource covers the following crucial aspects:

1. Birth registration

2. Marriage registration

3. Death registration

4. Legal residency

This booklet describes in detail and in a very comprehensive way the definitions of the above 4 legal topics for Lebanese and non-Lebanese communities, the importance of complying with all the Lebanese legal rules and procedures, how they can be implemented with a detailed explanation of the steps and what are the documents needed in order to complete the needed process.

Within this booklet, intricate details are provided, offering an extensive understanding of the four legal subjects concerning both Lebanese and non-Lebanese communities.
It underscores the significance of adhering to Lebanese legal norms and procedures, elucidating how these can be effectively executed, along with a step-by-step breakdown of the requisite processes and the essential documentation involved.