COVID-19 Vaccines, Nigeria, "Wrong Messages on Social Media but the Turnout is Good"

“The Turnout is Good” says Rhoda Msurshima Awanyah, INTERSOS head nurse, who in Maiduguri is leading some of our activities in support of COVAX



I am a nurse, I do a job of which I am very proud because I am in contact with people every day and I take care of them, I enter their lives and they trust me. In mid-March I was vaccinated against COVID-19, a very important thing for me, to be able to work in safety, mine and, above all, that of the community I care for, the children, mothers and the elderly I care for“. Rhoda Msurshima Awanyah leads the INTERSOS team of nurses in Maiduguri, the capital of Borno State, Nigeria. She coordinates some of the activities we have been carrying out for about a month in support of the COVAX vaccination campaign in which we are engaged, with our health staff, alongside the Nigerian Ministry of Health.

It is essential that we health workers have been vaccinated also for the good example set to the population”, says Rhoda, at the end of the first phase of vaccinations which involved medical staff and front-line workers, including teachers and those in charge of vehicle refueling stations.

In addition to supporting the Government by providing health personnel for the management and administration of vaccines, INTERSOS is also participating in raising awareness among the population through a media campaign.Despite the wrong messages and the false myths about thrombosis circulating on social media – emphasises Rhoda, satisfied – this first phase has seen a good turnout from health workers and other workers: people have come happy to be vaccinated“.

Flavia Melillo
Flavia Melillo