COVID-19: report on the hidden emergency in Rome

COVID-19 never left. The pandemic continues to exist despite the reduction in infections and the gradual reopening following the lockdown that has affected Italy for more than two months. The following report highlights the numbers, data, stories of those who experienced the emergency in the streets of the city of Rome, about 8,000 people to whom we must add about 11,000 people living in housing occupations and migrants who were excluded from the reception system.



During the COVID-19 emergency, the activities of the Popular Outpatient Clinic and the INTERSOS24 Center were reconverted into the INTERSOS24 Mobile Unit, which enhanced its activity directing it entirely to support the prevention and early detection of COVID-19 cases among the population (migrant and non-migrant) living in conditions of social exclusion and / or vulnerability in the metropolitan city of Rome. Since the beginning of the intervention, the staff has carried out 965 medical visits, held health education activities for 1,043 people and identified and reported to the available services 27 people with symptoms attributable to COVID-19. The Mobile Unit is active in the areas adjacent to the Termini and Tiburtina stations, near the housing occupations of La Rustica, Sambuci, Pelizzi and via Gorlago and outside the Opera Don Calabria social canteen, as well as in informal settlements near the housing occupations.

Through the stories of the patients we met and the data we collected, we tell the lockdown of the forgotten of Rome, invisible who were not even looked at in the eye even in a moment of emergency.



Flavia Melillo
Flavia Melillo