COVID-19: reorganising our activities to guarantee humanitarian operations

The current pandemic of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has impacted many countries, and particularly Italy, in a significant way and consequently has prompted INTERSOS to adapt to this new reality and reorganise its activities. As a Humanitarian Organisation, our primary objectives are taking the necessary precautions to ensure the safeguarding of our staff and of the people we assist, as well as guaranteeing operational continuity in Italy and in our missions, despite the difficulties caused by the pandemic.

A Crisis Management Team (CMT) has been activated. The CMT aim is to guide, manage and lead INTERSOS through the crisis with the priority of maintaining staff safeguarding, ensure the continuity of operations with as little disruption as possible and implement new operational response to the crisis, facilitating the delivery of Humanitarian Aid to those most affected by the pandemic.

INTERSOS HQ Offices in Rome & Milan are currently closed, until further notice, following the Prime Minister Decree of March 11, 2020. Smart working is the choice taken, as we have technology on our side. As a matter of fact, INTERSOS staff is working remotely and can be reached directly by email, phone and web applications. The Front Office phone is active to the usual number: +39 06 8537431. Secretarial and Travel activities are functioning and managed remotely as well. All meetings are conducted using specific applications and day to day activities are brought forward and followed-up regularly.

All field missions planned by the Head Quarter Staff Members are suspended until further notice, as well as the deployment of all staff coming from countries affected by Covid-19. In spite of this, the recruitment process is proceeding, taking into consideration all possible alternatives, once again to guarantee the continuity of our activities.

Staff is regularly updated on the evolution of the situation in the countries where INTERSOS operates and on the restrictions applied.

“We are all fully aware of our responsibilities in the face of this emergency and are fully committed to ensure, to the maximum possible extent, much-needed humanitarian aid to the vulnerable people we assist”, says INTERSOS Secretary General Kostas Moschochoritis.

Martina Martelloni
Martina Martelloni