Yemen: scholarship for the education of young Yemenis



The aim of the “Scholarships for the Education of Young Yemenis” project, funded by LAVAZZA Foundation, is to guarantee a quality university education to Yemeni students, accompanying and assisting them in overcoming, and where possible eliminating, the socio-economic barriers that prevent access to education. In identifying the students, gender balance (50% men – 50% women) and inclusion of people with disabilities and marginalised groups will be ensured. INTERSOS will provide a comprehensive support package to the students that includes material assistance (food, housing, transport, clothing, books/educational supplies, health care), but also their involvement in social initiatives useful to keep their motivation high and act on psychological barriers that could discourage them from completing their studies in such difficult circumstances. All students will receive training on job search and professional opportunities.
The project guaranteed access to university education to 27 students, 18 in 2022 and 9 in 2023.


Many years of war have led to the closure and destruction of schools and universities and a general impoverishment of the entire education system. Universities that are still functioning have suffered a drastic deterioration in educational offerings. As of 2016, students were given the opportunity to restart their university studies but rising living costs, devaluation of the national currency, and reduced livelihood opportunities for many have been barriers to accessing education.


Today Yemen is considered the largest humanitarian crisis in the world: more than 2 out of 3 Yemenis, 23.4 million people, are in need of humanitarian assistance and protection*, and an entire population is exposed to violence, political crisis, social, economic and financial insecurity. 80% of Yemenis live below the poverty line. Malnutrition and food insecurity, epidemics (cholera, dengue, diphtheria, measles, etc.) floods, global isolation and the COVID-19 pandemic further contribute to the country’s vulnerability.


Humanitarian Response Plan 2022



Naglaa, Hussein and Ahmed were selected for the scholarship that will enable them to support their studies and build their dreams.

yemen borse di studio per studenti

What’s your name? 

My name is Naglaa Ali Yahya Mardam, I am 22 years old and I come from the governorate of Hajjah.

Which University faculty did you attend? 

I am currently enrolled in Sana’a University’s – Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences.

Why did you choose this faculty? 

I’ve always wanted to be a doctor because it’s been my lifelong ambition. When I applied for the Lavazza Foundation scholarship, my dream became a reality. After that, I began to take my future more seriously.

What changes in your life with this scholarship?

I resolved to take charge of my life, support my family, and overcome any obstacles that prevented me from completing my education, and the worthwhile scholarship made this possible.

What do you want to do next? What is your dream?

After graduation, I hope to continue studying to complete my specialisation and make a difference in my community. I have always wanted to be a volunteer doctor in the hospital, taking care of people and ensuring their safety and health.

studenti Yemen borsa di studio

What’s your name? 

My name is Hussein Abdullah Ali Al-Houthi, I am 19 years old and I am from Amran Governorate.

Which University faculty did you attend? 

I am currently enrolled in the Computer Engineering programme at the Department of Technology and Information.

Why did you choose this faculty? 

Ever since I was a child, I have always wanted to study engineering and one of my hobbies is to work on different engineering-related topics to improve my knowledge.

What changes in your life with this scholarship?

I was looking for a job this year to cover the expenses and costs of my education, assuming I could find one. However, after receiving the Lavazza Foundation scholarship, I was able to enroll in college without having to worry about payment.

What do you want to do next? What is your dream?

A position as an information security expert is what I am aiming for, and to help future generations, I’ll also be teaching alongside it. To succeed in my career and personal life, as well as help my nation’s technological advancement, I hope to continue my education and academic pursuits until I earn a Ph.D. in my field. Additionally, I would like to gain the necessary experience to sit for international certification exams that require many years of experience (CISSP).

istruzione nello Yemen

My name is Abd al-Karim Tawfiq Ahmed. I am 24 years old and from Al Dhalea Governorate in North Yemen. I am a 4th-year medical student at Sana’a University’s Faculty of Medicine. I chose to study medicine because the medical profession is regarded as one of the most desirable professions in the world it is a highly competitive and desirable field. I have a keen interest in and a passion for science, this is driven by an innate desire to do what I can to support people who are in pain.

Over the course of my studies, I have learnt the meaning of commitment, perseverance, and diligence. The Lavazza scholarship helped me overcome a multitude of challenges, the most noteworthy of which was the coverage of tuition fees which has been a persistent cause of concern for me. In addition, the scholarship provides essential support for living expenses.

After being accepted for a Lavazza Scholarship, I have changed my mindset and have a positive view of life.  I have begun to study with a smile, I realize how lucky I am to be given this opportunity. I engage more with my fellow students and I am more willing to ask my lecturers questions about things I don’t understand. Studying has not been easy, but I continue to strive and hope for the best, I must believe that I am capable of being a good doctor.

In the past, I joked about becoming a doctor, today I am a 4th-year medical student, and I have been accepted on the Lavazza Scholarship. which allows me to believe in a dream that no one sees, work hard, dress up, show up, and never give up. Through Lavazza all things are possible. The scholarship has ignited a renewed sense of optimism in me, upon successful completion of my bachelor’s degree I intend to seek and obtain a scholarship to undertake a master’s degree.



This is the story of Dania, a former student who accessed a scholarship and is now an INTERSOS aid worker.


Yemen borse di studio

What’s your name? 

My name is Dania Yousef Madi, I’m 26 years old and I am Palestinian

Which University faculty did you attend? 

Telecommunication engineering

Why did you choose this faculty? 

In short, telecommunication is a vast field. I chose it because I have always been amused by the technologies, signals. How the calls are connected, at what bandwidth do the companies operate etc. It has a good scope in the future, because as all of us know, technology is increasing. And communication is something which is very important in day-to-day life. So, the scope is never going to end in this field.

You were awarded a scholarship. What has changed since that time? 

Given that my parents are divorced, and my mother was a teacher trying to take care of four children, we were far from being affluent. The only way for me to continue my studies was taking the scholarship. The scholarship’s financial support enabled me to reshape my life to better pursue my university studies. As I used to work while studying at the university, I’ve been able to cut back on my work hours and dedicate more time to studying, completing my assessment tasks and, most importantly, exam preparation. A great weight has been lifted off my shoulders thanks to the DAFI Scholarship. This scholarship has truly granted me a second chance at achieving my goals and working to my full potential.

What did you do after graduation? What’s your dream? 

I’m currently working as an education officer at INTERSOS, I strive to not stop developing myself by registering and attending some courses and conferences. My dream is to do something valuable for others (A big one of my dreams and aspirations in life). My dream is to help others accomplish their dream. Deeper than that, I want to live free and help others live free and fulfilled. Plus, one of my biggest dreams as well is to complete my education and get a master’s degree, as it is the best path for career development and ensuring a better future.