The report on INTERSOS intervention in Italy against COVID-19



The following report contains the activities carried out so far and aims to follow the evolution of INTERSOS projects in Italy during the COVID epidemic, to keep track of the critical issues found and the results achieved. The document will be constantly updated with data, activities and goals.



Italy is one of the most affected countries by the COVID-19 epidemic. The virus is a danger for everyone, but homeless people, who live in promiscuity situations, with rare possibility of putting personal hygiene measures into practice, are more exposed to the risk of contagion and this represents a danger not only for their health but also for that of all the people with whom they come into contact. For this reason it was necessary to rethink quickly and effectively the activities we carry out to assist the most vulnerable people living in our country, to protect their health and collective health.

Between February and March, we converted our socio-health teams, operating in Rome and in informal settlements in the province of Foggia, in favor of the implementation of anti-COVID-19 measures. In Crotone, however, the INTERSOS anti-COVID-19 intervention was started on April 15, with a mobile team specially created and equipped to deal with the new health emergency, to map the area from Crotone to the border with Basilicata to identify the vulnerable people. We therefore strengthened our medical activities in Rome, Foggia and Crotone, carrying out medical visits aimed at identifying suspicious cases and also conducting health information sessions on COVID-19 prevention measures.