Mauritania - INTERSOS



What we do

We’ve been operating in Mauritania since 2009. Currently, our actions are focused on assisting Malian refugees who fled the 2012 conflict by offering protection to vulnerable women and kids, building and managing schools and children’s clubs as well as running community services. Our projects are based on a community approach, whereby the refugee community is involved as much as possible in the various aspects of life in the camp that include planning, implementation and control of assistance activities as well as actions in schools and children’s clubs. Teachers, parents and volunteers alike are involved in management and daily activities.

In the region of Senegal River Valley, we’re also implementing a project aimed at facilitating access to land for farmers and breeders of local cooperatives.

The background

Mauritania is among the poorest countries in the world. Its area is almost exclusively covered with desert and is home to approximately 3 million people, with a population showing extremely varied ethnic origins and strong social disparities.

The conflict that broke out in Mali in 2012 forced millions to seek refuge in neighbouring countries, including Mauritania. Over 55.000 people crossed the border in search of protection from the Malian conflict and landed in the camp of Mberra – South-East of Mauritania. This is where INTERSOS is focusing its intervention.