Lebanon - INTERSOS



What we do

We began our activities in Lebanon back in 2006 by bringing aid to the population both during the conflict and after the first emergency, when we supported local community in their peace-building efforts. We went back in 2012 to respond to the humanitarian crisis that originated from the Syrian conflict, and currently operate in six districts in Southern Lebanon, in the Bekaa region as well as in the North, in the Mount Lebanon area. We provide Syrian refugees housing and healthcare assistance, drinking water and hygiene and promote activities to enhance the integration of refugees within local communities. We set up 16 community centres all around the country, including shelters hosting vulnerable women and kids as well as training and community centres where girls and boys receive psychological support and participate in recreational and educational activities.

The background

Today, Lebanon hosts over 1 million Syrian refugees who live in challenging conditions; the scarcity of economic and occupational resources constantly threatens the ability of thousands to survive. Lebanon doesn’t have a dedicated refugee camp for the population fleeing Syria. As a result, families have settled down in various urban and rural contexts all around the country. They sought shelter in private, overcrowded houses, or rented garages and shops, unstable abandoned public structures and incomplete buildings. In all of these cases, hygiene and healthcare conditions are poor, and housing conditions are extremely precarious.