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Hotels 4 Children Aid


www.hotels4childrenaid.comis on air! This is an on-line hotel booking platform supporting INTERSOS’ projects with no additional costs for its users!

An extremely innovative idea is that of “responsible bookings”: the creators of this platform chose to give up 50% of their fees to support a series of not for profit organizations, thereby allowing everyone to make a contribution to a good cause through a simple and spontaneous move.

INTERSOS features among the first organizations who chose to believe in this project: thanks to this key cooperation, you can now support us by simply choosing to book your next hotel on

Thanks to this initiative, we are now launching a solidarity process which we hope will resonate, thereby highlighting the importance of an ethical and responsible tourism. This is why we – in turn – support the creators of this initiative, as it is really going to change the rules of the on-line booking market. Like them, we also believe that – with hotel price and choice being unchanged – there is no valid reason why we shouldn’t book our next trip withHotel 4 Children Aid.