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Ghalia and Mahmud, two years in tent in Jordan

Ghalia and Mahmud are 17 and 15 years old, they are brother and sister. They live in a tent in the outskirts of Ramtha, in Jordan.

Time ago their life was different. Time ago they had a real house. Time ago they used to go to school.

Their life has totally changed in the last two years, since the war separated them from their family, their parents, their friends, their daily life.

Ghalia and Mahmud are Syrians, they grew up in Al Hasakeh, in the northeast of Syria. Their family owns a farm and cattle, their father remained in Al Hasakeh to protect the house and the farm.

They didn’t see him since two years, since they fled from Syria: he wanted to protect them from enrollment, from the bombs and the violence of the conflict, so he convinced them to flee from Syria.

In Jordan, they spent several weeks in Zaa’tri camp, before to reach Ramtha, where they live now.

Ghalia and Mahmud don’t’ attend school, the only way they have to survive is to work in a farm. They send much of their earnings in Syria, to help their family.

The condition of Ghalia and Mahmud is the same as thousands of Syrian refugees living in Jordan, forced to leave everything to save their lives, to face poverties and social exclusion.

In order to support them in this difficult condition, we guarantee economic assistance and during winter, in the Governorates of Irbid, Karak and Ma’an, we distributed blankets, mattresses, plastic sheets, heating to 3,125 people, including Ghalia and Mahmud, to face the harsh winter and protect their dignity. This project has been realized with the support of the European Commission’s Humanitarian aid and Civil Protection department (ECHO).