Corporate Community - INTERSOS

Corporate Community

Corporate Community

The Corporate Community 4 INTERSOS is a place gathering common needs of both for profit and not for profit sectors through cooperation among different expertises, with the aim of attaining sustainable business objectives:

It offers opportunities in the field of strategic investment for business development.

It creates a system which is able to generate positive marginalities that allow participants’ growth and development, creating a shared value and enhancing the impact of its own commitment thanks to the Community multiplier effect.

It generates projects that are innovative and sustainable and have a concrete impact vis-à-vis objectives, with a strong external and in-house communicative attitude.


What we do together:

  1. Business differentiation:we act together to develop new products or innovate existing ones, with the aim of creating value for business and INTERSOS’ projects
  2. Internalization:we act together to reach or grow in those markets where INTERSOS has developed a ten-year expertise both in its institutional relations and in its relations with local communities
  3. Social cross-business: we act together to devise shared business guidelines, thereby creating added value for INTERSOS’ projects, both in Italy and abroad
  4. Innovation Lab for Humanitarian market:we act together to test and enhance our products, including those meant for the market of humanitarian actions
  5. Skill sharing:we act together to share our expertise and allow business managers to share their professional skills with our operators in the field Join us, ask for more information to