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Assistenza medica in Repubblica Centrafricana

Carlotta has decided to call her Orthense

When Orthense was born she wasn’t breathing. Her mother had lost a lot of blood because of speeding up the birth of the children doctors gave her some herbal medecines that caused a massive beeding that it was killed mother and daughter.

Cases like this are frequently in Kaga Bandoro (Central African Republic), here people needed two hours by car to catch up with the first doctor and natural antidote are the only treatment option.
After the 2013 conflict in Central African Republic medical care facilities collapsed. Many of these medical structures are left standing but there is no medication, medical equipment and not even a doctor. This is the situation in the Prefecture of Nanan-Gribizi where Orthensia was born.
At the time, Intersos staff was doing an evaluation relating to the conditions of the health clinic when the midwifery went running to warn Carlotta,one of our aid worker, and Martin, the doctor’s assistant. A woman just gave a birth and the baby wasn’t breathing: Carlotta contributed to revive the baby, in the meantime the rest of our staff took care of the mother’s health conditions. They’re fine now and Carlotta decided the baby’s name. She has decided to call her Orthense.
In Central African Republic millions of people are at greater risk of dying because of lack of medical care. For this reason, we’re developing projects in poorest areas, like the Prefecture of Nanan- Gribizi, in order to reduce this gap. Our staff reaches population though mobile clinic carrying doctors, medicinal products in order to support the population at risk, especially pregnant women and babies
So far we’ve helped more than 650 individuals and our staff work to identify cases of malnutrition arranging the patient’s transfer in the hospital in Kaga Bandoro.