Donate 5x1000- INTERSOS


Tax benefits

Donors residing and submitting their tax return in Italy are afforded yet another possibility to donate to INTERSOS:
the 5×1000

The “5×1000” is a donation collected on taxes due to the Italian States by natural and legal persons through Tax Return (7.30 or “UNICO” form).

Both natural persons and companies can choose the recipient organization. The donation will be made by the State, that will give up that share of its own income to support not for profit organizations.

Example: out of a total of 10.000 of payable taxes, 50 EUR are donated to charity (10.000 divided by 1000 x 5), with the State receiving 9.950.

If you wish to donate 5×1000 to INTERSOS, all you have to do is enter INTERSOS’ tax ID in your Tax Return: CF. 97091470589

5×1000 represents a key chance for INTERSOS to develop its financial indipendence, thereby allowing it to plan its own humanitarian interventions and build a higher autonomy in respoding to emergencies