About us | INTERSOS


INTERSOS is a humanitarian organization on the front-line of emergencies, bringing assistance to victims of armed conflicts, natural disasters and extreme exclusion with particular attention to the protection of the most vulnerable people.

Since 1992 our humanitarian workers have been helping people affected by humanitarian crises: we provide first aid, food, shelter, medical assistance and basic goods. We ensure that basic needs, as education, access to clean water and health assistance, are met.


Founded in 1992, INTERSOS is an independent organisation, partner with the main institution and international and european agencies. INTERSOS is a member of ICVA, VOICE, LINK2007, “Coalizione Italiana Stop all’Uso
dei Bambini Soldato”, “Campagna Italiana contro le Mine” and has the privilege of having the advisory status at the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).